Professional Plumbing and Heating Inc.

We have used Express Electric Inc. for all of our electrical work for the past 7 years. The staff is always on time, complete the work in a professional manner and clean up after the job is complete. We refer all of our customers to Express Electric Inc. for electrical work.

Doug Svendsen
Professional Plumbing and Heating Inc.

Alliance Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.

Express Electric has been and continues to be a long standing electrical contractor for Alliance Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. For the past eight years, they have provided outstanding electrical expertise coupled with complete customer satisfaction. I trust their team of professionals to deliver exceptional workmanship for all our furnace and air conditioner installations.

Bill Renaud

Alliance Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.

Munro homes LTD

Munro Homes Ltd. has valued our close working relationship with Express Electric and we consider it an honor and privilege to write this letter of reference to YOU – one of our most valued partners in new home construction. For over six years, Express Electric has been providing excellent services to Munro Homes. In their capacity as electrical contractor, Express Electric works with our site staff, our project consultant, our designer and most importantly – our clients to perform all facets of the electrical in our new home construction projects. As a luxury home builder that custom builds 20-25 homes per year, Munro Homes offers our clients exceptionally customized homes and Express Electric is a compliment to our organization. All of our homeowners receive a personalized electrical walkthrough inside their partially constructed home with an employee of Express Electric. This “electrical walkthrough” is our client’s opportunity to make changes, revisions, ask questions, etc. prior to any electrical work commencing.

The staff and owner of Express Electric are well acquainted with the latest technology in wiring and lighting as well as all building code requirements and standard practice in the home building industry. Our clients receive courteous and respectful treatment from all of the staff of Express Electric and no request is too complicated, too difficult or not worthy of consideration. Inside our luxury homes are often high quality and expensive lighting fixtures. Express Electric is always cautious of our owner’s lighting selections and they work diligently to ensure that our clients possessions are well cared for during the installation process. Our clients often work with an Interior Designer or a professional Audio/Video Installer and Express Electric is both patient and respectful of the third party involved in our process and the changes and demands often required by that third party. The staff of Express Electric are stellar – both inside and outside the office. They employ excellent office staff and bill us accurately and in a timely fashion and they deal with our questions and concerns with courtesy, respect and responsive service. In the event of after sales service, they make and keep scheduled appointments – something that is very important to our clients once they have taken possession of their new home.

Their motto is “Powered by Service” and they live up to their name !! It has been a sincere pleasure working with Express Electric and its staff for the past 6 years. We value your business friendship and look forward to an exciting future.

Heather G. McGinnis

Project Consultant, Munro Homes LTD

Dear Express Electric,

Morsky Development Corp thanks EXPRESS ELECTRIC for the professional and prompt provision of contracted electrical services in our most recent project in the construction of a maintenance facility for the Province of Saskatchewan. The attending tradespersons were excellent to work with as they went above and beyond the parameters of the established contract. They offered helpful advice on site, discussing and suggesting modifications to existing plans in order to provide a preferred outcome fully compliant with design requirements. In addition, the workmanship was appreciated as electricians on site were particular with their installations and final product. The cooperative working relationship with EXPRESS ELECTRIC provided our personnel with the confidence to complete our project on time, on budget and most importantly, a facility that we are proud to say was built by Morsky Development Corp. We look forward to working together in our next project with EXPRESS ELECTRIC!

Yours truly,

Mr. Jon Young

Project Manager, Morsky Development Corp

Morsky Development corp

"Powered by service"